Alertpay is now Payza

payzaAt first, let us know – What is Payza/AlertPay? Payza/AlertPay is a simple and popular method of payment like paypal on the Internet. The site is basically for those who are making their money on the net, you can withdraw your earning money by the use of the Alert. The headquarters building of Payza/alertpay is Canada. That it is a Canadian company. Payza starts its mission with only 6 employees since 2004. Now it is more than about 250 employees and more than 1 core subscribers has become a large institution. Everyday about 10,000 join in the Payza. It services about 200 countries among the world. Here there are 25 currencies of the transaction available. Moreover, this organization provides banking facilities more than 52 countries. How do you create an account? Payza gives 3 type of opportunity to create an account with the site such- 1. Personal Starter 2. Personal Pro 3. Business – Within these three types of account you can register anyone for free. And in the next time you can transfer your account or upgrade your account. You can shop and send money to another user securely and easily. However, there are separate account facilities of these three types of account such as – 1. Personal Starter – The only advantage of being a personal starter account holder is that to send money to others users it takes no charge, no fee. That means it is totally free to send money. But you cannot get money by bank credit card. And you cannot receive more than 400 dollars a month; and with your all payment history you cannot receive more than 2000 dollars. 2. Personal Pro-those who work freelance or other site where they can find all types of facilities. Here there is no limitation to receive and send the money. But if you receive money from others users you have to pay 2.5% + 0.25% dollar fee. Another advantage of Personal Pro is that – if the users have any Web site or blog, they can sell their products or services by adding Payza to their sites, you will be able to receive money from the customers. 3. Business-by this type of account you can deal all online money transactions to your own business organization by helping Business account. You can manage several business managements by the help of Payza/Alerpay. And all other facilities and service charge as Personal Pro account. For your convenience we are shown an image as below. Here there is list of all the facilities, service charges and fees – which account will you open? Now it is your decision which type of account you will choose on aforementioned new contexts. However, my advice is – 1. First time registration you will receive your Personal Pro account. The advantage here is that – Payza account through a referral, you will be able to get income who are The Personal Pro user. But here, if you become a Personal Starter, cannot get the service. Now it is your decision. To open an account click here


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