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How to join this site and what – what’s working and how the income is let’s discuss about. Which sites I work with, Captchatrader is one of them. It is the most popular site.
Step -1: captchatrader If you open an account, click here.

Step – I: after opening the site click Register on the right site.

Step 3: Now fill in the form properly and then Click Submit

Step 4: Now go to your email account and click on Verify Link

* A new tab will open.

Many of you have been able to create an account with the captchatrader success.

Captchatrader-to-work method

Step -1: enter the captchatrader and click login

Step – I: First, the user of your site. D (User ID) and password (Password)

Type and click the Login

Step 3: after Login to work Click to Earn Credits.

Step 4: Then you will see the captcha code Now entry the captcha correctly in the box beside send button and send it. Now wait a few seconds for the next captcha.
If you see green signal in right side the it’s sure that credits are deposited in your account.

* To get your referral link click account

* Click CashOut to withdraw money
Benefits at a Glance, check out:

1. Each image = 7 credits

2. 100 credits = 1 Sent.

3. Pay Out $ 1 or 1430 to 10,000 in credits that captcha entry you will be able to.

alertpay = 1.00 $

paypal = 2.5 $

And 4. Referral facility

5. Support Alertpay, paypal (if paypal are at extra charge)

6. Server = fast (I saw whatever).

8. Most data come at a certain time after the timer show how long the data will come later.

Tip: After the 45 second data from the new account and I will work with the data in the 5-15 second.

This is no bad report about the job. You can work. So do not delay and sign up. If you have any confusion then you can ask.

And those who have alertpay/payza account
click here
to open account in Alertpay / payza click here


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