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Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

Asasalamu alaikum

How are we? I hope that we all are fine by the grace of Allah. This is a website on the Internet earn money and the money transfer to mobile from payza (formerly known as alertpay) and PayPal. I talked about in my previous post, I did a site…. Today I would say to you about the Internet to earn another reliable site that you click on the site, Playing Games and Complete Task (job) and you can earn money. The post for those who want to make it easier to earn money on the internet. The unusual name of the site out here …. ClixSense … without money you can registration. It is not like any other PTC site … I have worked a lot of PTC sites, but I noticed that they pay immediately to Reach Minimum Payout on PayPal/ AlertPay. Features of ClixSense: Status on PTCI: Elite Membership Fee: Free Earning per Ad: $ 0.001-$ 0.02 Minimum Cashout: $ 6 for Premium & $ 8 for Standard Payment Method: PayPal, Payza/Alertpay, Liberty Reserve. Number of Ads: Guaranteed Ads Daily (10 +), Referral Program: No Limit Tasks: Each task can pay you between a few cents to several dollars per completion Some tasks may be demographically targeted Many tasks can be completed multiple / unlimited times. Here by clicking on the Advertise money will deposit directly to your account and Advertises are available on ClixSense than any PTC site. Payment method: payza/alertpay, PayPal, liberty reserve. You will be able to earn money by doing small work from ClixSense. >>>>>>>>>>> CLIXSENSE, CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW<<<  in the top right corner of the page and click Sign Up … It’s there that you fill up the registration form by your information. In the field of postal code please give your local postal code. If you do not have Alertpay or PayPal account then use your same e-mail address all the places. After completing your Registration, they will send a mail to your email ID.  Login to your email ID and click the confirmation link to activate your account. Now login your ClixSenseaccount by your user name and password. You can see the status of your account and then click the View Advertisements. Then you will see Advertise. By clicking one Of the advertisement Will open a new tab. In the new tab click only cat (Cat) and wait 3 seconds. When task Complete you will money in your account. You can also earn money by playing games. Instructions to complete the work…… Your account will be credited the $ $ $ … Games for “ClixGrid” tab, click the direct referrals, you can … even if you have a lot of dollars to $ earn, you can take them active. Referral Earnings: $ 0.0002 to $ 0.004 $ 2.00 per upgraded direct referral Ad purchases 10% up to $ 1.00 per purchase limited at $ 50 per referral Standard members will earn 5% commissions from their direct referrals completed tasks. More than one account from a computer >>> Payment Proof<<< you cannot open more than one account from One PC. Now start to earn money day after day. Do not be deceived by the other’ s …. here is my referral link:


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