AudioCodes Products

With more and more Service Providers and Enterprises looking to integrate packet-based solutions into their voice networks, AudioCodes’ field-proven Networking VoIP Products allow them to migrate smoothly and quickly to the new voice infrastructure.

AudioCodes’ Networking Product line includes CPE & Access Gateways for Voice over Broadband and Enterprise IP Telephony applications; High Availability Media Gateways for the wireline, wireless, broadband access and large enterprise markets; Enterprise Session Border Controllers for interconnecting VoIP networks; High Definition IP Phones for a new dimension of voice call quality and clarity; Mobile VoIP solutions for businesses and residential service providers; Value Added Applications for service providers & SMBs, and EMS (Element Management System) for standards-based management of VoIP networks.

AudioCodes’ Enabling Technology product line includes products such as Voice over Packet chip processors and VoIP PCI & cPCI communication Blades . These products are integral for the most advanced and reliable Voice over IP platforms on the market, and have been implemented successfully by leading telecommunications and networking manufacturers worldwide.


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